Reigning Queens



Ellawas crowned UK’s National Junior Miss in July at just 15 years old! From Kent, Ella is currently studying for her GCSE’s and is hoping to go into fashion. Her dream is to become a model one day, and would love to do this for Donatella Versace!

In addition to winning the UK’s National Junior Miss crown, Ella also won the Miss Congeniality side award which is a very special award – this is chosen by the other finalists in the competition! 

Her platform is to raise awareness of social anxiety an it’s affects. During her reigning year, Ella plans to do zoom calls with those who sturggle with social anxiety, to help them to talk through it and educate other people. We can’t wait to see this in action!

Congratulations, Ella, we know that you are going to have the most amazing year as the reigning UK’s National Junior Miss!





I am 16 years old from Liverpool and I am the new UK’s National Teen! Wow which feels so amazing to say ! I am pageant OBSESSED and love spending time in pageant land with so many inspirational and incredible women across the world. It felt so surreal hearing my name being called and my crowning moment is a mixture of shocked faces, awful dancing, lots of hugs and  waving to my mum in the audience. 

I have always dreamt of entering a pageant and now that I am a queen and my dreams have come true it is such an indescribable feeling and I am so grateful and beyond overjoyed that I have accomplished what little me used to dream of.  My mum has helped me so much towards my journey to finals, she is such an incredible woman! As my time as a finalist I have loved attending events to support other pageant girls in their own journeys all in aid of charity and sharing all about my PeaceWithAnna project where I share positivity. I can’t wait to carry all of this on and achieve my goals as a newly crowned queen! I can’t wait for my year ahead and so excited that I now have sister queens and it feels so surreal that I will now be spending an unforgettable year with them.’ 



“I am proudly your newly crowned Uks National Miss 2022. I was introduced to pageantry when I was just 14 years old by a very special woman and I had no idea how it would completely change my life. Pageantry helped me to discover who Kerys Georgia was and then taught me to love and celebrate her. After having my daughter Luna-mae in October it became very clear to me that my journey was not over. I returned to become a UKNM finalist at 4 months post Partum with a very clear message, difference is beauty. I created my platform ‘all together different’ in the hope to encourage people to be an authentic and unedited version of themselves on social media. To kick my platform off I disclosed to the world that I am diagnosed ADHD and PROUD. I am incredibly excited to take my trip to dukes the palm in Dubai to meet with our fantastic sponsors and experience Dubai with the incredible Tom Hui. Dubai is a place I’ve always dreamed of visiting and thanks to Tom and Dukes the Palm that opportunity is now in my hands, something I will forever be grateful for. I’m excited to empower woman, continue growing my platform and of course raise more money for cancer research UK.  To my UKNM finalist remember to grasp every opportunity in your journey because dreams don’t work unless you do and always aspire to inspire”.




“I am 33 years young, a Taurus and come from a town called Swindon, in Wiltshire. I am a mother to one mini diva, Penelope, and when I am not in pageant land, you will find me pouring over the books as I am doing my second degree in Psychology with counselling, or maybe gemming outfits whilst watching Drag Race!

 I own my own pageant business called Sparkles and Rhinestones which I’ve run for five years, and this undertakes interviewing other pageant queens, coaching, podcasts and even writing my own book called, “The Ultimate Pageant Handbook”. As well as this, I run a few talk shows with my pageant platform of, “Use your Pageant Voice”, called “The Platform Talks”, as well as “Queen Chats”, which is a mental health podcast, as well as, “The Pageant Mumma Club”, interviewing mums who also compete in pageants!

Winning UK’s National Ms was simply incredible and means so much to me, espcially as I placed second runner up last year! I have so many dreams and goals for this crown, and it took a journey to get here but I am ready to make it work! Twelve years I’ve waited to be a part of the Pageant Girl Hall of Fame, now here I am!”




“I am 57 years of age and I would never of dreamed of being a Pageant winner ‘ a Queen’ it still feels unreal, why would an older lady want to enter a pageant in the first place – well let me tell you, I was always a spectator as my daughter is a pageant girl so I know how these pageants are more than that, they are a huge family which encourage confidence and esteem which I didn’t think I had as much of but I have proved to myself and others that age is just a number.  I have made more and more true friends whilst competing which is wonderful. 

I am a 5’2 wife/mum/daughter/and carer and work full-time  but still I need my bit of sparkle and being your Uk’s National Classic Ms is a dream and I would recommend anyone at any age to come and join us.”