Reigning Queens



Grace was crowned UK’s National Junior Miss in July at just 13 years old and one of the youngest in her division! From Winchester, Grace has been competing in pageants for the past 6 years and has previously been successful too. Grace says that pageantry has provided her with skills and friends from all over the country!

Grace said “I am so excited to be your UKs National Junior Miss 2023. As one of the younger contestants in the division at 13 years old I am so proud to take home this prestigious title. This was my first time competing in a Pageant Girl system and it exceeded all of my expectations. From the amazing PJ party to rehearsals, I made so many new friends and came off stage saying I didn’t care how I placed because I knew I had done my best and had a blast! To win the crown was really just the cherry on top of an amazing weekend”

Grace plans to travel around the country during her reign, attending events and making even more friends!






Shayla has been competing in pageants since she was 11 years old, and has previously competed in Miss Teen Great Britain too. Throughout her time as a finalist, Shayla has spent time raising awareness for ADHD in girls and posting informative posts on her social media. She has also been out into her local community to educate others on the topic and plans to continue this throughout her reign.

Now a Musical Theatre student, Shayla says “I am so excited to be your UK’s National Teen! Hearing my name announced as the winner was a dream come true and I can’t wait for the year ahead! I’m a Leo so it’s no surprise that performing on stage and talking to people are my two favourite things to do and pageants are a great combination of these! I’ve followed UK’s National Miss since the first finals and to be one of their queens is truly incredible and an experience I will cherish forever. I can’t wait to share this year with my sister queens and see what my reign brings!




Natalie is a 24 year old mother of one, who is currently studying to become a Homicide Detective! She was first scouted for a pageant 6 years ago and now stands as the reigning UK’s National Miss!

Natalie is an inspiration and says that pageantry has given her skills and friendships to last a lifetime. She says “I am a refugee from Zimbabwe and moved to the UK aged just 13 after fleeing the political war that took over my country. This win was a very ground breaking moment  because I am the first woman of colour to have been crowned UK’s National Miss. Growing up I struggled with my own identity because I never saw women that looked me in places that mattered. I want to be the role model that I needed when I was younger. I hope my crowning inspires women from different backgrounds and shows them how diverse and accepting our pageant community is.”

Natalie’s platform is centred around FGM. Coming from a background where this is acceptable, Natalie wants to use her reign to speak out and fight for those girls & women forced to go through this, and make an impact & change. 



Nicole is your reigning UK’s National Ms. She currently lives in Cheshire with her husband and little boy. Day to day, Nicole is a primary school teacher, Maths Subject Lead and Early Career Teachers trainer. Nicole has two main focuses in her career; making maths accessible for all children and improving the training that teachers receive.

Nicole is proud to be the first knowing pregnant competitor and queen for the UKNM system. She won the crown whilst carrying her bundle of joy! She hopes she can inspire other women to continue their pageant journeys regardless of what stage of life they are going through. Nicole is looking forward to the year ahead and launching her ‘Mum.Me’ campaign – a campaign that will offer advice, share stories and empower women to take time for themselves whilst balancing mum life. 

Nicole says, ‘I’m so proud, honoured and overwhelmed to have been crowned your UK’s National Ms 23/24. I first entered a Pageant Girl system in 2012 but always felt it was never quite my time. I can’t wait for the year ahead and forever more being part of the Pageant Girl UK family.’





Stacy is our reigning UK’s National Classic Ms. She has been involved in pageantry for a number of years, both as a contestant and as a pageant Mum to her daughter Christina – another former Queen! 

Stacy said “I am so excited to be your third ever UK’s National Classic Ms for 2023! As a 51-year-old YOUNG woman, I am so honoured to have won a title representing women of my age category proving that us nans can strut on stage too!

Being my third time competing with Pageant Girl UK and achieving this title, my work from before my reign and continuing on representing the UK will be supporting my chosen charity The Gingerbread Centre, with exciting plans in the works such as my own events and gathering supplies for them to support the homeless whilst fundraising to help in creating a source of support for those in a less fortunate position.

My main goal is to continue being ‘Momma D’ ; a hype girl to women across the country and a voice of support to every pageant girl within our community!”